Hard Drive Data Recovery

When a storage system is down, it might seem like everything is gone for good. We all store just about everything on our computers, such as family photos, important business information, to a variety of other files that we don’t want to lose. Our experts are able to recover data that was lost due to either mechanical issues or corruption. Computer Nerds is your Philadelphia, PA hard drive data recovery expert.

A mechanical error of any sort may affect your ability to reach data on your hard drive. We perform recoveries in a certified clean room environment to ensure that your data is not further compromised. Hard drives contain data and, if due to an error, the computer cannot “read” how the data is organized, you won’t be able to access the data. That’s where Computer Nerds comes in.

Our highly professional team is capable of assessing each aspect of every situation, and every possible solution. We are much more thorough than traditional data recovery software, so we encourage you to trust Computer Nerds with your hard drive data retrieval needs.

Solid-State Drive Recovery

Solid-State Drives are extremely reliable for storing data. However, when one does break, it can be quite upsetting. Our team is well-trained in a variety of models and brands, and we will tackle any SSD recovery issue that you need help with. SSDs operate on a variety of circuits, and physical damage can affect the system. SSDs rely on firmware, and if it fails, then the SSD and the data within can become unreachable.

It’s best not to tackle this on your own to avoid causing further damage, and that’s why we recommend contacting an experienced professional such as the Computer Nerds team. Even Data Recovery software can further damage it. We know how important your information is to you, and that’s why we encourage you to call us as soon as you have an issue. Our experts will work to recover your data efficiently and safely.

Flash Media Recovery

Flash drives, USB drives, and other digital media stores are all highly valuable. We store images, memories, and important business or personal information on these small devices. We have extensive experience with flash media recovery, so you can always trust Computer Nerds with your valuable data.

Flash drives store media in a specific manner, and if something interrupts this organization, then the information stored within might become corrupt or unreadable. If this happens, it’s best to have a data recovery specialist take a look, to avoid putting your information further at risk. Even if you accidentally delete data, it’s difficult to retrieve it without a professional. Give Computer Nerds a call for premium data recovery services.

Apple Mac Recovery

Our experts know how to handle all systems, and that includes Apple devices. Others might not be able to make fixes to Apple devices, but we are willing and able to handle these issues. The technicians at Computer Nerds will keep your Apple items safe from contamination or other environmental factors, and we will use every method to ensure that there is no additional risk to your data.

Tape Data Recovery

Although tape drives are reliable, any tape drive will be affected over time. Whether the physical tape itself is damaged, or the tape has been exposed to environmental dangers, our team will work to regain your valuable data. Modern technology isn’t always compatible with tape drives, and that’s why it’s important to protect these devices and to trust Computer Nerds with all of your tape data recovery needs.