RAID Data Recovery

RAID Controllers are not foolproof. Power surges and software errors can all lead the data stored within a RAID Controller to be rendered unreadable or corrupt. Deletions or corruptions are both issues that need to be dealt with by a professional, such as those at Computer Nerds. If another error occurs in your RAID Controller, then it’s imperative that you receive professional assistance in getting it fixed. We quickly assess your RAID to see whether your data is retrievable, so we recommend giving us a call immediately if there is an error.

raid data recovery
server data

Server Data Recovery

Our experts are able to handle a variety of servers. If you are experiencing a RAID data loss, then give us a call immediately to restore your data. If your server crashes, do not try to fix it yourself. Turn off your computer and disconnect it from power to avoid placing your valuable data at further risk. Our team will work to recover data from a malfunctioning or corrupt server.

NAS, SAN Data Recovery

If your storage systems, such as NAS or SAN, suddenly become corrupt or faulty, then it’s important to contact Computer Nerds immediately. Our team is always improving our methods to recover data from both of these data storage systems. Don’t try to do anything yourself if something happens, just remove the power source and call us immediately.

nas san data recovery
database recovery

Database Data Recovery

A powerful database is necessary for any company to thrive. However, because these tools hold so much information, they are prone to failure. If such an instance does occur and you need to protect and retrieve those contents, contact the team of experts at Computer Nerds right away. We work to recover your data and ensure that your important business information is not lost. Our team will work endlessly to ensure that your database, and your business, is up and functioning as soon as possible.

VMware Data Recovery

Virtualization is used for a variety of purposes. Several virtual systems may be at use simultaneously, and one error might affect a number of systems. Cases of corruption or loss of VMware data should always be handled by a professional. We will help to diagnose the issue and determine the best method for data recovery.