Government Data Recovery

Our team is passionate about all forms of data and helping our customers to protect and salvage their important information. By trusting Computer Nerds to take care of your valuable data, you are ensuring that your governmental agency is taking the right steps to keep information safe and secure. Join the many organizations that have trusted us with securing, retrieving, and protecting their most important data.

Business Data Recovery

We understand how important it is for business owners to keep their valuable business data safe and protected. Whether it’s financial information, essential documents, or even images you don’t want to lose, we can help! We recover data from a variety of systems and locations, so you can trust Computer Nerds with all of your business data recovery and protection needs.  

Personal Data Recovery

We all store plenty of personal information on our computers and other devices. Let’s say you accidentally drag something into the “Trash” folder and delete it. Or you spill water on your computer, or the data somehow become corrupt or inaccessible. It’s always worrying when something like this happens, especially if you’re not a computer whiz yourself. The most important thing to do is to leave it alone and give us a call––we can help!

Emergency Data Recovery

No system is completely free from faults. And when these mistakes or malfunctions do happen, it can be at any time. Computer Nerds is able to salvage data that might have been lost to a number of causes. We recover data from flash drives, SSDs, hard drives, and more.